Freelance Life

Live art

Give your next event a different twist by providing live art! I can set up my easel and supplies and show your guests the magic of art.

Art Tours

I will take you around the city of Chicago and show you all the "happening" art spots such as, popular graffiti spots and museums

Abstract Art Classes

The Beauty of Abstract Art is that there is no wrong or right way to do so however, with some guidance I can help unleash your creative side!

Expression of a Restless Mind

Art. My Therapy. My peace.

As in the words of the great Erika Badu, "I'm sensitive about my shit". 

Hardships, sex, positive vibes, urban life, and the love around me have inspired my work.  My work comes from an emotional and restless mind.

People are afraid of the word "emotion" because it gives the image of being weak when you expose your inner self. For me personally, through my emotions I create my best work because I allow myself to fully immerse in the state of "no fucks".  This place of "no fucks" is a very accepting place, a place in which no idea is wrong and no curiosity is a trap. I love this place. Its just me and whatever I want to do with the resources at hand. All I need is an EMOTION and obviously some music blasting so loud I get lost in the moment.  I'm not afraid to feel and see where it takes me, I'll take whatever comes my way, I'll make something out of that.

I'm just here, with my restless mind trying to do something I love. I was never pushed to be great at anything.  I pretty much quit every instrument, quit every dance group, quit any and every sport, truth be told I quit anything I didn't FEEL something for. 

This is the only thing that eases my mind. This is the only thing I haven't quit and I don't intend to.

Thank you

"Never stressed, only blessed"

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